My Ideal Teacher

My ideal teacher understands that excusing lack of progress or playing ability as “your age,” is a coded way of saying “lower your expectations and don’t try so hard;” that the words are dismissive and disparaging, and undermine passion and pursuit.

My ideal teacher understands that an unattained goal is valued for the progress that it inspired, and that it is never a measure of failure.

My ideal teacher understands an unwavering conviction in the capacity of neuro-plasticity and human growth at all ages and stages

My ideal teacher understands the utility of outsized, aspirational goals; that they can inspire and motivate, and propel a student beyond what is believed possible.

My ideal teacher understands the uncharted paths in adult education, the ones leading toward elite ability, and has curiosity and gumption to seek out those paths.

My ideal teacher understands that the developmental timeline, expectations and methods for teaching a child may not be appropriate for teaching an adult; and that it is incumbent on him or her to research and experiment in the quest of serving an adult student.

My ideal teacher understands the value of disciplined, focused work, yet finds pursuit of the extraordinary an exciting, stimulating, joyful adventure.

My ideal teacher understands that whatever we discover and achieve together lays groundwork for even further attainment by ensuing adult learners.

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