Blue Music

Listening to BLUE
While driving to you.
Thinking things through.
Drinking coffee, too.

BLUE, recently released by the Ahn Trio, is my car album of choice these days. On a typical commute, I can listen to it six times through. It matches my moods, from jazzy to sorrowful, and when done pondering the state of relations, I listen again for details, teaching my ear to capture ever more. I like the pizzicato, and how the piano sometimes sound like the strings, and the strings sometimes sound like the piano. I like the harmonics. I like the harmonies. I like the soft songs, the melodic songs, the retro songs, the syncopated songs.

I like the composers of whom I’ve never heard, and researching YouTube to see what else they do. I like a child’s album that isn’t really a child’s album. I like the interplay of sisters singing to each other through their hands. I like they twinkle like a star.
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